Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper Review

One of the greatest and most overwhelming aspect of cloth diapering is deciding which diapers to buy!  Many people suggest trying out a few different types of diapers before settling on just one.  I didn’t take that advice and only bought two types of diapers: Charlie Banana One Size diapers and AMP One Size diapers.  This post is about the Charlie Banana Diapers.


Sizing from x-small (pink) to large (yellow)

The Charlie Banana diapers have some great features.  I went with the One Size diapers because they can be sized from x-small to large, easily fitting a newborn baby and lasting until potty training.

IMG_0299A friend of mine had been told in their prenatal class that they should hold off with the cloth diapers until they were a bit more comfortable having a baby around.  My opinion: if the diaper fits, wear it!  🙂  My daughter, E, has been wearing these cloth diapers since the day she was born.  She was 7 pounds 8 ounces and these diapers fit snuggle around her waist and legs.

Sizing a Charlie Banana diaper is super easy.  Unlike other cloth diapers, the CB diapers don’t have the sizing snaps on the front.  Instead they are even more customizable with a bra strap type system.  The elastic is able to be sized from x-small to large by moving tightening the elastic like you would a bra strap.  The idea is a great idea and allows the strap to be tightened to exactly the size that will work for your baby.  One thing I have found, though, is that the straps do start loosening up as the baby wears them and so they need to be adjusted back to the correct size every so often.



The bra strap system works around the legs of the diaper and the waist is adjusted using the snaps.  Some people like snaps others prefer the hook and loop.  I don’t mind the snaps, but I am thinking of purchasing some cloth diapers with the hook and loop for when someone is babysitting E.  The snaps can be a little overwhelming when you’re not used to what you’re doing!


IMG_3522IMG_3523The Charlie Banana diapers have two rows of snaps.  The flaps have three snaps on them to secure the diaper in place.  One of the things I really liked when E was tiny was the cross over snap option.  See the middle snap on the left wing?  That lines up with the outer snap on the right, making an even tighter fit.


Two inserts are included with every Charlie Banana diaper.  When sized for a newborn, only the small insert is used.  As my daughter needed a bit more absorbency I switched to the large insert and eventually to using both.  The inserts are pretty absorbent and aren’t too bulky either.  The diapers stuff from the front which is nice because when the diaper is a poopy one and the inserts need to be removed your hands don’t get dirty!

I do wish there was the option for an even more absorbent insert, though, as my daughter is a heavy wetter and if I don’t change her diaper every hour and a half she starts leaking through the legs onto her clothes.  Maybe this is an issue with other cloth diapers as well.

My daughter cannot wear these diapers at night because she will be soaking in the morning.  We have switched to using a disposable at night in order for her to wake up dry.

Charlie Banana diapers come in some great colours and patterns!  Knowing that we couldn’t go crazy buying diapers my husband and I decided to buy the more gender neutral colours so they can be used for the next baby regardless of gender.  I did splurge and get a couple pink and purple ones though.  A girl has to have SOME girly things, after all!  🙂

I have been pleased with my decision to use Charlie Banana diapers.  Hopefully you’ve found this review helpful.  If you have any questions, let me know!