My Top 5: When Baby has a Cold

My daughter just got over a cold!  There are lots of ways to help prevent colds, like washing hands, staying away from germs, etc., but even with good hygiene everyone catches colds.

It’s a fact of life.

And really, do I want to keep my child in a sanitary bubble her whole life?  I think not.  I will teach her about washing hands, covering her mouth, and all that other stuff as she gets older.  For now, when her primary mode of moving is by putting her hands on the floor and everything goes in her mouth, there isn’t too much I can do.

Except deal with the symptoms and help her get through it as comfortably as possible.

So what do I use?  Here’s My Top 5 things for when baby has a cold.IMG_3545

1. Boogie Wipes: Never would have splurged on these, but my cousin gave me a pack as part of a baby shower gift.  I have since picked up the large size!  These things are great!  They wipe off crusted on boogies like nobody’s business.  They even work better than a warm wet cloth or other baby face wipes!  I still use a tissue to wipe E’s nose most of the time (which she hates), but she complains far less with the Boogie Wipes and they do a much better job getting everything off.  The wipes come in three “flavours” (Fresh, Grape, and Unscented), although I have only tried the Fresh scent.

2. Vick’s BabyRub Soothing Ointment: This is on the must-have list for a new baby.  It is a non-medicated ointment that helps relieve congestion and coughing.  It also smells wonderful because of the aloe vera, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavendar in it.  According to the directions, it is meant to be rubbed on the baby’s chest, back, and neck.  I also read on Pinterest that rubbing it on the baby’s feet can also help.

3. HydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist Hydrating Nasal Care: Another product on the must-have list.  This helps with nasal congestion.  It has a specially designed “comfort tip” that has been designed specifically for a baby’s tiny and delicate nose.  E isn’t a huge fan of it getting sprayed up her nose, but it helps her breathe and relieves dryness.

4. Humidifier: Speaking of dryness, a humidifier can help with that!  Edmonton can be very dry, especially in the winter, and E will often have a very dry nose that starts bleeding a little bit.  😦  We have a humidifier running in her room during naps and through the night to help relieve some of the dryness.  It also provides white noise which is an added bonus!

5. Coconut Oil: This is an amazing thing!  Everyone should have a big jar of it in their homes.   I even listed it as a “bonus” item in My Top 5: Things for a Newborn post.  Right before putting her to bed, we would give E a baby spoonful of coconut oil to help relieve coughing.  It tastes great so she takes it eagerly.  Apparently mixing it with honey makes it even better for coughs, but since E is still under a year, we haven’t tried that yet.

There you have it.  Five great things to help your baby through a cold.  Add some extra love and cuddles, maybe even a nice warm bath, and hopefully your baby will be feeling better soon!