Boy or Girl? That is the question.

Life feels a little crazy at the moment. Right now we are all anxiously waiting for my sister to go into labour. She’s due today with her third child! I keep checking my phone, just in case I missed a call saying she was headed to the hospital!

For the first two, she found out the gender, but this time she decided to wait and be surprised. Talking to her about a month ago she said that she has preferred knowing in advance, although she did admit that she can’t make the fully informed decision until after the baby is placed in her arms.

I have two presents wrapped and sitting in my car to take to the hospital. One for a girl and one for a boy. I’m anxious to know which one she’ll be opening! 🙂

With our daughter we did find out that she was a girl from the ultrasound. Although the tech wasn’t very reassuring with her 60/40 prediction. I don’t know why she said that, unless it was to keep us from getting upset at her if it was wrong. If/when the next baby comes around, my husband wants to wait until the baby is born. I’m trying to convince him otherwise. I think the only way I’d be able to allow it would be for the tech to put the info in a sealed envelope…just in case I could change his mind later.

What about you? Did you find out with your kids or did you wait until the delivery room? Did you try it both ways? Which way did you prefer?

Now come on, little baby niece or nephew! We all want to meet you!