Tempt Your Baby’s Taste Buds

My husband and I like to go on “mini dates” to Chapters.  After we order our drinks from Starbucks we start wandering around, looking at the various books in the hopes that we’ll find something interesting.  That usually happens.

I knew that I wanted to try making my own baby food.  Don’t get me wrong, the prepared baby food available in stores is fantastic for introducing those foods, especially fruit, that are too expensive to buy when they aren’t in season, but there’s something about preparing your own food.  There are tons of recipes online for making baby food, but I figured that I’d take a look in the baby section of the book store anyways.  (It’s been one of our most visited areas of the store since we got pregnant.)

With Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate in my hand, I started looking at baby food cookbooks and came across this one.  AMAZING!  As I was looking at the recipes, was getting hungry!  I don’t think that happens all that often with a cookbook for baby food.  Haha!

IMG_3554The book is written by a restaurant owner and chef.   He also is the developer for a line of baby food known as Sprout so he knows what he’s doing.  (I wish I could buy the stuff here in Canada!)  The recipes in the book are simple to follow and taste great!  Anything I have made, E has gobbled up.  I have tried some recipes online as well as from other cookbooks, and it has been hit and miss.  Not with this one!  (The applesauce recipe is particularly delicious!)

This book is American so it doesn’t follow the Canadian recommendations for introducing foods to a baby.  So use your judgement when introducing the various dishes to your baby.

The book is divided into four main sections based on age starting at 4 months.  (Here in Canada 6 months is the recommended age for introducing solids.)  The last two sections (for ages 9 months and up) have recipes that could easily be enjoyed by the whole family, pureeing or chopping up the baby’s portion.

So if you’re thinking of making your own baby food, pick up this book to help you get started!