An Exercise in Futility

So you know all those fantastic ideas that you can find on Pinterest?  You know, the ones with cute monthly pictures of a baby as it goes through its first year?  I personally loved the idea of taking my daughter’s picture each month with a stuffed animal so that we could see how she was growing.  The stuffed animal would give each picture a reference for comparing her size.

It worked great for the first few months…and then she started moving!  And add to that a complete obsession with the camera.  These pictures are almost impossible to get now!

Here are a few pictures from our recent photo shoot!


First let’s pat the Killer Whale…


Ok, now let’s stand beside them all…



Nope, not going to sit beside the elephant…


Or beside the whale and ladybug…


I’m coming to see the camera, Mommy!


Let’s take a picture, Mommy!










































We finally got one decent picture!


I think next time I’ll hold the baby and use myself as the reference!  Haha!