Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Faye.

Part of me hardly believes that I’ve joined the blogging community…but I’m pretty excited about it!

Mommy Imaginings is a place to share thoughts, ideas, and crafts!  I won’t claim that these pages are full of brilliant and amazing insights, but my hope is that you’ll find something useful and inspiring!

A little bit about me…I’m head-over-heels in love with my husband, and since meeting him four years ago, we have gotten married, bought a house, gone on some amazing trips, and last, but not least, become parents!  Talk about a whirlwind adventure!




3 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for your interest in the Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book that I created. I had tons of fun making it! Unfortunately, I don’t think that I have the rights to sell it, and by that I mean that even though I created the pages and patterns, I didn’t use only my own ideas or pictures, etc. I don’t know what the regulations are for that sort of thing. That’s why I decided to give away the patterns (some of which I still need to post, I should really get on that) rather than sell them.

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