Snow White Towel Cover-Up

I will admit that I’m a little obsessed with all things Disney. Especially when it comes to Disney Princesses! I’m super excited to be taking my 2 year old daughter to Disneyland soon, along with my mom who hasn’t been there in almost twenty years! (Yes, I’m leaving baby C with Daddy!)

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I would end up writing about. I had originally thought that it would have been more “mom” stuff, but after discovering how much fun I am having sewing, it has turned out to be more of a crafting and sewing blog. Hopefully anyone who has taken the time to visit my blog has been enjoying the tutorials I’ve shared.

Today I don’t have a tutorial, but I wanted to share something I made using someone else’s pattern. 

My daughter, E, loves Snow White and so I decided to make her a towel cover-up that looked like her dress. I found the pattern for the peasant dress on this blog, and then made a few changes.

1. I split the main part of the dress into two pieces to make a bodice and skirt. I constructed the pattern on paper using her instructions and then cut in the appropriate place to make the bodice and skirt pieces. I then sewed them together to make one piece again. I also sewed a piece of ribbon down the front of the bodice.

2. I added red to the sleeves. I cut six tear drop pieces out of red towel and the attached them to the sleeves using a satin stitch.

3. To give the dress a bit more shape, I added some elastic to the inside of the dress where the blue and yellow met.

We haven’t needed to use a towel cover-up since I’ve made the dress, but E loves wearing it around the house! Here she is admiring herself in front of the mirror the first time she tried it on! Don’t mind the messy room. ūüėČ 



Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book: Snow White Pages FREE Pattern and Tutorial

It has been WAY too long since I’ve posted a tutorial for my Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book. ¬†Today I’m going to show two pages at once since they aren’t too complicated. ¬†So here are the patterns and instructions for the Snow White pages of the book.



Don’t forget to check out my completed Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book!

NOTE: When I created the quiet book, I completed all the pages and then sewed them together. ¬†That means that each of the pages has about 1/2 inch on three sides that will “disappear” when sewn to the next page. ¬†The fourth side will be used for binding the book together. ¬†You can see the finished book here. ¬†The instructions for the binding will be in a future post.



– felt (light gray, dark gray, gold, brown, sparkly white, red)

– beads (15 in total for the counting part; small ones for the trolley)

– ribbon

– fabric paint (brown, silver)

– glue

– buttons (2 for the wheels on the trolley)

– non-breakable mirror (I got mine from a baby toy that I found at Value Village; any shape will work)

–¬†Counting Page Pattern


1. I’ll first show the mirror page. ¬†Trim the background light gray felt so it is 10 inches by 8 1/2 inches (this will be the standard size for all the pages in this quiet book).

IMG_37442. To make the mirror frame, I traced the mirror onto a piece of paper.  Then I drew a line on the inside of the circle so that it would overlap with the mirror when cut out of felt.  I made the frame about 1/2 inch thick.  Draw a crown on paper for your pattern as well.  Cut out the pieces from the felt.



IMG_37453. Glue the mirror onto the felt, slightly to the left so that it will be in the centre of the finished page.





IMG_37464. Glue the gold frame over top of the mirror.  I placed glue so that it would stick to the background as well as the mirror.





IMG_37475. Glue on the red crown at the top of the mirror.






IMG_37796. Finally, paint on the pattern with the brown fabric paint. ¬†If you look closely you’ll notice that I did more loops on one side than the other, but I don’t think my daughter has noticed. ¬†And the page is done!




7. Sadly, I have lost the pictures for the steps for the counting page due to keyboard smashing by my daughter. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†(Check out this post to read the details). ¬†However, I will still write down the steps and the pattern is given above.

Trim the background light gray felt so it is 10 inches by 8 1/2 inches (this will be the standard size for all the pages in this quiet book).

8. Cut the “Cave” out of dark gray and position on the right side of the background felt. ¬†Don’t sew it down yet.

9. Cut five ribbon pieces and pin in place, under the dark gray cave.  Move the cave piece out of the way and sew the ribbon on one side.  String the beads on the ribbons as shown in the finished page.

10. Pull the ribbon tight, pin in place, and sew the opposite end. ¬†If you find that the ribbons are droopy, simply pull it a little tighter and resew. ¬†Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

11. Reposition the cave piece and sew in place.  Using the sliver fabric paint, write the numbers as shown.

12. Cut the “Pile of Jewels” from sparkly white and sew in place on the bottom right-hand corner.

13. Cut out the “Trolley” and sew in place as shown. ¬†Using brown fabric paint, paint on the details of the trolley.

14. Sew on small beads, “filling” the trolley with jewels.

15. Sew on the buttons to make the wheels of the trolley.  And you are done!


I hope you have fun making these pages. ¬†I’d love to hear how yours turned out!

Binding instructions will be in a future post!