Will the Snow Ever Melt?

Around this time every year a certain song comes to mind.  It’s from the old movie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

In November the snow starts to fly, piling up, ankle high.

Come December it’s up to your knees, still a bride’s a bride-to-be.

January, higher still, to the parlor window sill.

February finds a drift, and a storm that seems never to lift.

March comes in like a lion, what else?  Still the snow never melts.

April showers will come, so they say, but they don’t, and it’s May.

You’re about to forget the whole thing…all at once, one day it’s SPRING!

At the beginning of this winter, I was feeling ok about the snow since I was on maternity leave and I didn’t have to face the cold every morning on my way to work and I really didn’t have to leave the house if I didn’t want to.  Winter wasn’t too bad…

But I’m ready for Spring now.  We do get out of the house a couple times a week, either to the library, to visit family, or to go shopping, but I find myself craving a chance to get outside.  To breathe in some fresh air, to feel the warm sunshine on my face, and to not have to worry about bundling E up in all her winter gear.


Can we go out yet, Mommy?

I think E is excited for warmer weather too.  We have a screen on our front door and E enjoys looking out at the world.  When it has been warm enough we have sit on the front step waving at the people passing by.  Sometimes E gets adventurous and crawls down the walkway playing in the snow and dirt along the way.

I used to think that Spring was a rather ugly time of year…and it is…but it sure is a wonderful time of year!





Some things I’m especially looking forward to this Spring and Summer:

1. watching E run around our newly sodded backyard

2. blowing bubbles for E to chase

3. getting a baby pool and letting E splash around in it

4. wearing shorts and tanktops

5. sitting and enjoying a cool drink in the sunshine

6. going for walks with my husband and baby around the neighbourhood

What are the things you are really looking forward to this Spring?