The Gift of Sleep

It has been a long time since my last post…I feel like I’m always saying that (Haha!). But life has been life and balancing life working part time as well as taking care of my two kids has been taking all my time!

This is kind of a random post, but one I’ve been meaning to write for awhile. One of the things that I struggle with as a mom is getting enough sleep. It makes me SO grateful that my kids both sleep soundly through the night. I hear stories of other moms with kids around the same ages as mine telling me how their kids wake two or three times a night still! I would not be able to survive! 

My kids were not born wonderful sleepers. I don’t know if it was them or if it was me, but with a bit of work and structure, we managed to help give them, and us, the gift of good sleep. How did we manage this? Well, it wasn’t by reading the many many books on sleep training that I borrowed from the library. When my daughter was six months old we hired a sleep consultant. Was it pricy? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes!

My daughter had been taking 30 minute naps and waking several times in the night. I was so frustrated and exhausted! I did some research and found Jessica of Upon a Dream Consulting. She was fantastic!!! She was down in Calgary and we were in Edmonton, but it worked out great! The initial consultation was done over Skype and then the rest was done through phone calls and emails. She was so supportive. She answered all my questions and concerns and helped me make sense of all the books I’d read (and believe me, I read a lot of them!) Within about a month, my daughter was sleeping soundly through the night and taking naps that were at least an hour long. I was over the moon! 

And then baby number two arrived! Oh that was brutal! Having to wake every few hours for feeds, dealing with two kids napping, just trying to figure it all out again. In my muddled state I knew I wanted help. So we contacted Jessica and hired her to be our consultant for the second time. She created a new plan for our son and worked with us to get him sleeping well. He was about 8 weeks when we started the training and he didn’t sleep though the night until he was around six months, but he began, and still does, taking nice solid naps and sleeping soundly at night between feeds. Now that he is 20 months he sleeps through the night and takes a 75-80 minute nap in the afternoons.

They both also transitioned well with the time change! Probably since they know how to settle themselves to sleep quickly and easily!

Not every mother or child may need a sleep consultant, but if you are considering one, I would highly recommend Jessica

Wishing you a sound night sleep!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I don’t normally sneak into my kids’ rooms to take photos, but every once in awhile, I need to actually wake them up and I try to catch those precious sleepy faces in a picture.