“Elsa” Dress-Up Apron

IMG_0130I had such fun making the “Belle” Dress-Up Apron that I just couldn’t stop there!  My daughter has recently started watching Frozen.  I think we have watched it at least once a day for the past week.  She hasn’t learned to sing yet, but I’m sure she’ll be singing the songs once she does!

I’m excited with how the “Elsa” Dress-Up Apron turned out.  Here’s how I made it.



– 1 m teal fabric

– 0.2 m sparkly fabric for the bodice (I found some tulle with sequins on it in the bridal section of the fabric store)

– 1 m tulle

– 15 inches of elastic (1 inch)

– snowflake embellishments (optional, but pretty cute)

– hook and loop closure


1. The first step is to cut out all the pieces.

Out of the teal fabric cut…

  • Strap: 4 x 22 inches
  • Bodice: 8 1/2 x 8 inches (cut 2; you’ll only need 1 if you are using an opaque fabric for the front of the bodice)
  • Waist Band: 3 x 27 inches (cut 2)
  • Skirt: 16 x 38 (cut 2)

Out of the sparkly fabric cut…

  • Bodice: 8 1/2 x 8 inches (cut 1)

2. When I bought the tulle it was already doubled (as many fabrics are when on the spools).  Keeping it folded, trim the edges so that they were nice and straight.  Sew gathering stitches along the folded edge of the tulle and gather to about 12 inches.IMG_0101

3. Take the strap piece.  Fold in half and press.  Fold and press each edge up by 1/2 in.  Position the tulle in the middle of the strap so that it is overlapping the folded edge.  Fold the strap in half and pin everything in place.

IMG_0104 IMG_0105

4. Top stitch along both edges about 1/4 in from the edge, securing the tulle in place.  Your strap should now look something like the picture.IMG_0107

5. Using a safety pin, insert the elastic into the strap.  Line up the ends of the elastic with the ends of the strap and pin or baste in place.  The elastic is shorter than the fabric which will allow it to stretch over your little one’s head.

IMG_0109 IMG_0111

6. If your sparkly fabric is transparent, as mine was, sew it on top of one of the teal bodice pieces.

7. Pin the strap to the right side of the bodice front about 1/2 in from the side edges.  There will be 1/2 inch of the strap going over the top edge.  Baste in place.  Note the position of the tulle!IMG_0112

8. Place the back of the bodice on top, sandwiching the strap in the middle.  Pin in place then sew around the sides and top using a 1/2 in seam allowance.  Your bodice should now look something like the picture.

IMG_0113 IMG_0115

9. Take one of the skirt pieces and attach your snowflake embellishments.  Mine were iron on, but now that I’ve watched my daughter play in her new “dress” I think I’m going to need to sew them on.IMG_0117

10. Place the second skirt piece over top, sew around the sides and bottom edge using a 1/2 in seam allowance, and turn.  Sew gathering stitches along the top of the skirt and gather to 27 inches.IMG_0119

11. Taking both waistband pieces, fold and press under all the edges 1/2 inch.IMG_0121

12.  Unfold the edge of one waistband piece and pin to the skirt, right sides together as shown in the picture.  Sew in place.IMG_0124

13. Pin the bodice, right sides together, in the centre of the waistband piece and sew in place.IMG_0125

14. Place the second waistband piece, edges folded under, so that it covers all the seams and raw edges.  Top stitch in place 1/4 inch from the edges.IMG_0127

15. Cut the hook and loop closures and sew on to the waistband.  I sewed the “hook” part so that it would be on the top of the skirt when wrapped around my daughter’s waist, that way it would be less likely to catch on the tulle.IMG_0128

16. Admire your completed project and watch your little one enjoy her new “dress”!IMG_0130


2 thoughts on ““Elsa” Dress-Up Apron

  1. Oh my goodness I love this! I’m not very good with my sewing machine yet, but I’m going to try to make this for my 5 year old — she’s obsessed with Frozen and would love it!

  2. If you can sew a relatively straight line you’ll do just great! Have fun! And remember, once she’s wearing it she’ll probably be dancing around in it, so any uneven lines won’t even be noticed! 🙂 I’d love to hear how it turns out!

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