A Boy!

Ten days past her due date, on August 4th, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!!!

She was scheduled to be induced on August 5th, but I guess the baby figured he was ready to meet the world. Sunday afternoon she started having contractions and around 8:00 pm they called a babysitter and headed for the hospital. My parents and I arrived at the hospital at 10:15 pm. I was excited to be there since with all my other nieces and nephews I always had to work the next day and wasn’t able to meet the baby until the next day.

When we got there my sister was still walking around so we went to wait in the visitors’ lounge. We weren’t in there for too long before my sister and her husband popped in to say hi. She had a couple good contractions and then figured she’d go see the nurses.

A little while later my mom and I were told we could pop into the labour and delivery room for a few minutes. She had just been given her epidural and was starting to relax in the hospital bed. We visited for a few minutes then went back to the visitors’ lounge so the nurses could do their thing.

About twenty minutes later my mom and I headed back to the labour and delivery room. A bunch of nurses and doctors were rushing in and out. Mom went in to see what was going on and I was left standing in the hallway. Before the door was shut I overheard that the baby wasn’t properly positioned. I went back to join my dad in the lounge.

Half an hour or so later, about five minutes after midnight, I couldn’t stand the suspense so I sent Mom a text message asking how things were going. Her response:

“Hard going. Baby in good position now. Almost crowning!”

I guess my sister doesn’t waste time when it comes to delivering her babies. A few minutes later the baby was born!

Mom came into the lounge to let us know the good news then she rushed back into the delivery room. It wasn’t long before we got to go in too.

Little N is beautiful! I can’t get over how adorable he was in that moment. His little cheeks and tiny nose. His adorable fingers. The perfect amount of hair. What a miracle!

I wasn’t able to stick around until they moved her into the post partum room (I was extremely exhausted and WAY past my bedtime!) so I didn’t get to hold Baby N. As tired as I was, I’m so glad I was able to be there. What a special moment for my sister and her family. I feel blessed to have been invited to join in.

The next day my husband, my daughter, and I went to the hospital to visit the new baby. E was fascinated with his eyes and nose and kept laying her head against his (which is how she indicates ‘soft’). And she loved his feet! For the most part she was gentle…at least as gentle as a 14 month old can be…although she did try ripping off the swaddle blanket because she wanted to be wrapped in it instead. Fortunately there was another blanket we could drape around her shoulders. Haha!

It was an amazing weekend! I’m sending out a HUGE congratulations to my sister, her husband, and her two other boys on the safe arrival of Baby N!


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