A quick update…

Well I’ve survived the first two days of work.  I’m going back for a short evening shift tonight and a short morning shift on Friday.

I woke up early on Tuesday morning, anxious about getting ready on time and getting my daughter over to my parents’ for the day.  I was able to get my hair and make-up done before E woke up.  We were able to go through a shortened version of our morning routine – we didn’t play quite as much as usual – and I got everything packed up to take with us.  It was a fair amount to carry.  If it happens that my parents are watching E more often I think I’ll just double up on a bunch of things so that I don’t have to cart so much back and forth.

I carted everything to the car, strapped E into her car seat, and we left our house just after 8:00 in the morning and arrived at my parents’ about 8:15.  E was happy to see Grandma (my dad was at work) and was content while I set up the playpen, white noise, and baby monitor.  Around 8:40 I kissed E good-bye and got back into my car.

On the way I realized that I had totally forgotten all the papers I had signed and was supposed to bring on the first day of work!!!  What a great way to make a good first impression.  Oh well, what could I do?

Once I got to the library, I was greeted warmly and the training started shortly afterwards.  There were two of us being trained, which I understand why they would want us to start together, but I think I found that more stressful.  I’ve never worked at a library before and there is a LOT to learn!  My brain was suffering from overload by the end of the day!!!  But I survived.  🙂  And so did E.  My mom said she was great all day, which helped me feel a little better.  We packed up everything to take home.  When we got home, my husband was already home and asked how the first day had been.  By then I was so hungry and I had a headache, that I couldn’t say more than “please, feed me!”  Haha!  The rest of the evening went well.  I prepped for the next day as much as I could and then we spent the evening watching a movie, once E was asleep in bed.

Thursday morning came and we repeated the process.  I was worried that E would be upset when I left her with my mom, but she was as happy as could be.  My mom said that she was a bit more relaxed than the previous day.

The other trainee wasn’t there that morning which I think helped me relax a bit more too.  I was up at the front desk most of the day which provided me with lots of opportunities to practice what I had learned on Wednesday.  It seems like the staff are pretty nice and are willing to help me whenever I have questions.  No headache for me at the end of the day.  🙂

E was full of smiles when I arrived to pick her up.  Mom said that she was great all day!  That evening was also a pretty relaxed one.  I put E down for bed, giving us some snuggle time.

This morning was a normal morning for the most part.  My shift starts at 4:30 so there has been lots of time to play and read and enjoy each other’s company.  She was a little on the fussy side, but hopefully she’ll feel a little happier after her nap.  And my husband is home this evening so they will be enjoying some Daddy/Daughter time.  I’m so grateful to have such a competent husband when it comes to childcare.

What I’ve learned so far:

  • Prep as much as you can the night before.  I packed up E’s snacks and bottle as well as my lunch, keeping everything in the fridge until we were ready to go.  I also made a list of the things I needed to pack in the morning: sleep sack, white noise machine, E’s mousie and blanket (her loveys), some toys, etc.
  • Realize that you probably won’t have tons of time to worry about how your baby is doing while you are at work.  It was go, go, go the entire day.  I sent my mom a text during my lunch break and she got back to me saying things were ok, and that was as much as I could squeeze in.  It really helped to know that E was in capable hands so I didn’t have to worry.
  • Expect to be tired and frazzled at the end of the day!  I’m so glad my husband was home Tuesday evening after my first day because I was finding it so hard to think about anything!

And now I’m going to enjoy this little bit of “me” time while E is napping!  🙂

Any tips and tricks for returning to work?


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