Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book: Beauty and the Beast Castle Tutorial


Tale as old as time…Song as old as rhyme…Beauty and the Beast.  I love this movie!  It’s a lovely story and I think that the Beauty and the Beast pages are the ones that I’m the most proud of so even though they aren’t the first pages in the completed book I’m sharing them first.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Don’t forget to take a look at the complete Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book!

NOTE: When I created the quiet book, I completed all the pages and then sewed them together.  That means that each of the pages has about 1/2 inch on three sides that will “disappear” when sewn to the next page.  The fourth side will be used for binding the book together.  You can see the finished book here.  The instructions for the binding will be in a future post.



  • Felt (dark blue, dark gray, light gray, gold, red)
  • Zipper (about 4 inches)
  • Fabric Paint (I used brown and silver)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Cellophane
  • Castle Page Pattern


1. Trim the background dark blue felt so it is 10 inches by 8 1/2 inches (this will be the standard size for all the pages in this quiet book).

IMG_36022. Cut out the Ballroom and Rug pieces.  Sew them onto the background felt.  I sewed the ballroom only around the outside edges and then glued the inside “walls”, but they aren’t staying stuck so I’d recommend that you sew around the windows too.  I glued the rug in place, but again, would sew it in place if I were to make this page again.  Once they are sewn in place, use fabric paint to draw the corners of the walls and the pattern on the rug.  Let dry completely!  NOTE: I ACCIDENTALLY PUT EVERYTHING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE INSTEAD OF THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE!  THIS ONLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE IF YOU WANT THE CASTLE PAGE TO BE ON THE LEFT SIDE.

IMG_35973. Cut out the door pieces: two felt and one cellophane for each door.  The cellophane will need to be trimmed in order to fit properly.






Sandwich the cellophane in between the two felt pieces and sew along the straight edges.

Repeat with the other door.





IMG_36004. Pin and sew the zipper to the long straight edges of the doors.






IMG_36035. Place the “closed” doors over the ballroom and pin in place.  Place the castle piece over the doors so that it is overlapping the curved edges of the doors.  Sew in place.  I sewed along the doors and then up the sides and on the bottom.  I glued the top in place, but it could easily be sew instead.  HINT: use lots of pins to hold everything in place.  And if it ends up a little crooked like mine did, remind yourself that it is for a child and she won’t mind too much.  🙂


IMG_36076. Sew the Towers to the sides of the castle.  They will overlap a little bit.  I sewed around all four edges.






IMG_36087. Glue or sew the roof pieces and window pieces in place.






8. To make the Beauty and the Beast character piece, I found a colouring page through a Google search and printed it out.  I then traced it onto Shrinky Dink plastic and coloured it.  It was a great excuse to buy that pack of permanent markers I was eyeing.  🙂  Following the Shrinky Dink instructions I sized the picture so that it would be the correct size once shrunk.  I punched three holes before shrinking it so that I could sew it in place.  I also painted a layer of clear top coat nail polish over it so that the colours wouldn’t scratch off.  (The trick with the nail polish is to let it drip on so that there is a thick layer instead of painting it on, otherwise the ink might smear.)  Sew in place and you are done!

The bottom of the page will be part of the seam allowance for completing the book so it will not show.  (Take a look at the finished page at the top of this post again).  I will be sharing the instructions for completing the book in a future post.  If you don’t want to complete the book as I did then simply trim that seam allowance part off.  I hope that makes sense!

I’d love to hear how your Castle page turns out!  Happy Crafting!



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