Why I decided to try cloth diapering.

IMG_0380Cloth Diapers seem to be a new fad among moms these days.  Ok, I guess cloth diapers have actually been used for over a hundred years, but they have come a long way since then!  I don’t imagine that our great great grandmothers had the selection that we have today.  We are certainly spoiled!  🙂

I had actually decided that I wanted to try cloth diapers I was even pregnant with my daughter.  Here are some of the main reasons.

#1: The Environment

A baby goes through a ton of diaper changes before she is potty trained.  I change my daughter at least 9 times a day!  That’s 63 diaper changes a week; 252 diaper changes a month; 3 285 diaper changes a year!  That’s a lot of diapers to be throwing away!  And each of those diapers can take about 500 years to break down.

Cloth diapers, on the other hand, get reused and if in good shape can often be used for the next baby or even sold to another mom wanting to cloth diaper.

Now to be honest, I don’t just use cloth diapers.  We put E into a disposable at night as well as when we leave the house for longer than an hour.  But we are throwing away less than 500 diapers instead of over 3 000!

#2: The Cost

Cloth diapers do require a large initial investment.  Good quality diapers average around $20 each and we have 25 diapers.  That’s $500, which sounds expensive, but compared to buying disposables it ends up costing way less in the long run!  Even factoring in the cost of laundry detergent and water, it still ends up being cheaper to use cloth.

#3: The Cuteness Factor

I love the way cloth diapers look.  There are so many fun colours and patterns.  🙂  Whenever people tell me that they are thinking of cloth diapering I warn them that it can become addictive!

Are cloth diapers really that great though?

Having used cloth diapers for about 10 months now, I will admit that there have certainly been times when I considered switching to disposable.

Cloth diapers are a lot of work!  There’s the washing, the stuffing (at least for the ones I use), and the stripping of the diapers.  They also aren’t as absorbent as the disposable diapers and so I have found that if I don’t change my daughter’s diaper every hour to hour and a half, that she just starts leaking.  Today, for example, she is on her third set of clothes because of leaks.  :/

But, overall, I have been happy with my choice of using cloth!

The really fun part of cloth diapers is buying them.  🙂  There are SO many types to choose from!  I think this is because one mom was using one type of diaper and liked them except wanted “this” feature…so she designed a new diaper.  The next mom came along and liked that new diaper but would prefer it if it had “this feature” so another style was born.  My sister borrowed one of my cloth diapers to test them out and that was exactly her reaction…she thought they were great, but would have preferred the hook and loop closures instead of snaps.

We use Charlie Banana cloth diapers and I will be reviewing them in my next post!  🙂



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